When we went to Soft Spirits for our latest Microgrocery feature, (see our blog post here) we were mesmerized by not only the innovation happening within the Non-Alcoholic space, but also the creativity in packaging design. While we don’t feel qualified to recommend what to drink based on taste, that is what Soft Spirits is there for, we do feel qualified to show what to drink based on cool and unique design. Here are our top 8 picks from what we saw at Soft Spirits.

De Soi – Sparkling Non-Alcoholic Aperitif – Champignon Dreams
Dromme – Non-Alcoholic Spirit – Awake
For Bitter For Worse – Non-Alcoholic Cocktail – Eva’s Spritz
Gnista – Non-Alcoholic Spirit – Floral Wormwood
Non – Non-Alcoholic Wine – 5. Lemon Marmalade & Hibiscus
Nonny – Non-Alcoholic Beer – Pale Ale
Parch – Non-Alcoholic Agave Cocktail – Prickly Paloma
St. Agrestis – Non-Alcoholic Cocktail – Phony Negroni