It was one of those rare cold and gloomy LA afternoons when we decided to visit Soft Spirits, the city’s first nonalcoholic bottle shop. While the weather outside might might have been frightful, the mood inside the boutique storefront was quite delightful. Established by Jillian Barkley in 2021 and situated on a popular stretch of Sunset Boulevard in Silverlake, Soft Spirits is a pioneer in the burgeoning zero proof movement.

The interior is decorated quite simply, white walls and shelves punctuated by vibrant floral arrangements and the odd piece of pastel furniture. It’s clear that the products are the main attraction, with bottles of all shapes and sizes lining the shelves, their colorful contents and multihued labels giving the impression of a modern day apothecary. Los Angeles has a reputation of a city obsessed with health-conscious lifestyles and trends, and this only serves to bolster the popularity of the rapidly-growing nonalcoholic beverage category. It is rare to find a restaurant or bar that doesn’t offer NA options, with many establishments offering a dedicated mocktail menu.

Popular brands in the segment such as Ghia, Seedlip and Brooklyn Brewery, have fresh and eye-catching packaging designs that are making waves outside of their industry. While you can find all manner of nonalcoholic beer, wine and spirit replacements on its shelves, Soft Spirits goes the extra mile by offering a bevy of unique products that stand on their own, without trying to mimic the flavors of their alcoholic counterparts. Feel like cutting back on your alcohol intake without sacrificing flavor? This place might be your new go-to haven for exciting and satisfying zero-proof alternatives.  

While Soft Spirits may have started out as a hobby Instagram account in 2018, it has become a place of discovery and community for the city’s nondrinkers and those who revel in new sensorial experiences.