Family owned & operated since 1967, Silva Sausage Co. is a California-based sausage house that carefully crafts gourmet meats and distributes nationwide. While Linguiça is their signature product (quite possibly the best Portuguese sausage in the US), Silva has expanded well beyond their own traditions and have captivated their diehard audience with an exceptional range of pork, beef, and chicken products. Known for their product innovation, artisanal European methods and high quality, flavor-packed ingredients, Silva Sausage Co. decided to embrace the future of tradition with a brand refresh in early 2020 – beginning with the rollout of their top selling 12-ounce pork & beef 4-pack sausages.

The newly launched design delivers an editorial edge, with beautifully plump sausage photography that feels culinary and fresh within a traditionally down & dirty category. This contemporary style imagery showcases Silva’s premium inclusions teetering above a single hero sausage link to give the visual promise of the mouthwatering flavor in each bite. In addition to introducing photography, the existing SILVA logo was transitioned into a wordmark, distinctively prominent on pack. The wordmark and image hold nicely together and occasionally even interact.

The constant challenge with meat products is keeping space for all of the regulatory claims and callouts. Our solution allowed all key attributes to gracefully surround the product imagery, for one quick read that’s easy to find. Sophisticated, impactful and forward thinking, Silva Sausage Co. now has a strikingly innovative brand look that matches their specialty product.

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