La Terra Fina is a host-forward brand – made for the consumers who want to spend more time in the moment and less time in the kitchen. Following the rebrand in 2018, The Creative Pack has continued to work with La Terra Fina to roll out the design on all, existing and new products. From delicious dips to quiche, La Terra Fina has been using quality ingredients to make food you’ll want to share like their new Tzatziki Feta Dip.

This dip, not only taste amazing with veggies, pita chips and by the spoonful (we won’t judge), but its fresh, artisan design has been creating some buzz as well. The design has won a GDUSA  2021 Graphic Design Award! The design is a composition of watercolor swashes and ingredient photography that are artfully considered around the La Terra Fina signature.

For this dip, fresh cucumber, onion and dill are scattered around pack along with creamy, tangy and salty feta, which compliments the fresh flavors. The ingredient photography creates a nice flow, guiding ones eye around the label, highlighting the dips abundance of fresh ingredients. It is as if the ingredients have been picked up from the market and are being chopped, tossed and thrown together in preparation. All which help to communicate La Terra Fina’s inviting, fresh and whole hearted qualities that connects with consumers and affirms the designs longevity in the marketplace.

“Clinking glasses and overflowing plates. Warm conversations sprinkled with laughter. Delicious food, simply enjoyed; these are the moments we’re made for.” – La Terra Fina