We are super excited to announce we are a winner in a very special GDUSA competition. This past year GDUSA partnered with Pantone to find the most creative use of color in graphic design. We are honored to have been selected as a winner of this award for our packaging design for Sierra Del Sol Agua Fresca Paletas.

For the Sierra Del Sol paleta packaging, color was a huge component of the design. We wanted to make sure the packaging popped on the shelves. We wanted it to emulate the culture of their Mexican heritage and also the fruits used for each paleta. 

Pantone then challenged us to take our design and alter the colors to use their new Extended Gamut Coated Guide, which is 90{711affa2c6bb84f98c0ea8259eb1dff497f250c63645d937340474115af0a357} better Pantone spot color match over CMYK. This is done by adding Orange, Green and Violet to the color gamut. This achieves more vibrant colored printing that is a cloer match to Pantone spot colors. The results were great!

Thanks to GDUSA and Pantone for awarding this to us, and allowing us to test out this new color guide.

See the paletas on the GDUSA website here.

You can download the press release here.