It’s a new year! So we bring you a new range of distinctly So Cal juices from Mother’s California Market – for your mind, body and soul. Organic, cold pressed, and ready to escort you on your 2024 journey to health and well-being.

The crisp white label, a standard detail for Mother’s Market private label look, feels fresh against the rainbow of juices. Where even the color of the juices adds so much personality to the label. However, we didn’t stop there. While in other Mother’s designs the Mother’s heart is in their classic red, or a diecut to show the product inside, here the heart takes on a life of its own with a gorgeous grad that matches the energy of each SKU. Yep, we channeled our inner bohemian on this one. The heart showcases a rainbow of colors just like the colors of the fruits and vegetables inside each juice.

What you can’t see here is another huge component to this design – the carefully crafted words, written for each bespoke blend. Here’s a little taste:

‘Robust root veggies are here to restore. Ruby red beet balances the calming power of ginger root. Encourage a gentle renewal within through this hearty medley of 5.’ (Organic Heart Beet)

Cherish the warm California sun with one sip of this beautifully bottled nutrient-rich juice. Soon you’ll be buzzing with free-spirited Venice Beach vibes too. Or maybe you’re more of a Manhattan Beach kind of soul. Whatever you are Mother’s Market has you covered.