Does chocolate make you sing for joy? Well this chocolate will, one bite and you’ll be singing A’Cappella.  For way too long, chocolate has gone down the path of one-note flavors, coming up flat on innovation. A’Cappella Chocolates lets the rhythm of their imagination guide their creations – from chocolate snacking barks, chocolate caramels, truffles and the new Knotty Grahams, all in one of kind flavors. With a great ensemble made up of 100% real chocolate and bold, energetic and fun packaging, A’Cappella really does hit all the right notes.

It all started when Debbas Gourmet came to us with a new chocolate brand idea called – A’Cappella – a chocolate brand inspired by music. Filled with creative, fun, out of this world creations always using real and natural ingredients. Its a premium chocolate brand dedicated to both quality and taste that also doesn’t take itself too serious, because let’s face it, chocolate is a fun decadent treat.

The final design which we called a “A Symphony of Ingredients,” highlights those real ingredients used in each of the different treats and flavors. Acting as an ensemble, dancing around the main product imagery whether that be chocolate bark, chocolate covered caramels, or knotty grahams (graham knots). Vibrant, youthful, and colorful the branding and design was inspired by its predecessors from the 70s, like the Wonka Bar, but made modern. Such inspiration can be seen in the logo and typefaces as well as some of the color palettes. Its vintage and nostalgic look draws from the past to forge the future. With each new product that joins the line up, the design is tailored to the product. Making each sku unique, yet all cohesive within the brand.

A’Cappella is the perfect harmony of ingredients with complex flavor notes that make it like no other chocolate brand – one of a kind, unbeatable quality and taste with unique branding and packaging design to match.

See more of the range in the work section of our website.