Lot’s of awards lately! We are happy to announce that we have won 3 Vertex Awards! We have won one gold award for Fresh & Easy’s Sriracha Hot Sauce and two silver awards for Protein Powder and Take & Bake Pizza!

These 2 innovative hot sauces, a green and a red sauce, we launched to offer a product with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. The crystal label is a modern and clean approach in the condiment category. A pattern was created to add authenticity and allude to the provenance of the product since Sriracha originated in Thailand. The F&E clapple (clock-apple) logo was embedded into the pattern and a clean 1 color ink helps the products to stand out on shelf.

The protein powder design was created to communicate strength & functionality of the product whilst looking clean and unprocessed. A clean white matte tub paired with a metallic paper showing through for the “protein”. The product attributes are a system of callouts, helping customers to easily navigate the product differentiators.

For Take & Bake Pizza a custom die cut for the box reinforces the clapple (clock-apple) branding. Personality was introduced into the take & bake range, using a word pattern on the box itself. Sales per unit doubled after the relaunch (despite increasing the price) New take & bake skus introduced in frozen & bakery.

You can download a press release here