We recently had the opportunity to visit V3, a major printing company located in Oxnard. V3 started as a small printer, printing tags and checks for local farmers and it expanded throughout the years. They do commercial printing, specialty packaging data & direct mail services, their clients range from healthcare, cosmetics and education to entertainment. 

Mike Szanger and Linda Gaeta guided us through their facilities.  We were able to see the whole process, from the machine that does the plates to the dieline cutters, the automated machines that place adhesive on the boxes and the different offset printers. One of the printers was working at full speed, we were impressed by the speed that the paper gets printed! They print hundreds of thousands of papers a day!

At the end of the printer is the person responsible for quality controlling the whole press also known as “press checking”. He has to check the colors, the paper, the registration, amongst other things. The press checker we met has been there for a very long time; it takes a long time for one to learn this job. They initially start by feeding the papers and then they become runners, “running” up and down the machine and finally a press checker. 

Besides the printing, V3 also develops specialty packaging. We met George who is a “paper engineer”. He designs and develops structural packaging, for example he was developing an insert for a hairdryer, the plastic insert is vacuum formed for the hairdryer to sit in before it goes in the box, to protect it from damage or display it once the box is opened. George can design the most unimaginable packages! 

V3 Corporation

200 North Elevar St., Oxnard, CA 93030