Known as the ultimate hallmark, commercialized, superficial holiday made for buying the stuffed pink teddy bear and overpriced red roses, Valentine’s Day is the ultimate day for love. And though some might roll their eyes, at the end of the day who doesn’t love, love? And why shouldn’t we celebrate that? We shopped around town to discover which CPG and private label companies feel the way we do – embrace the fun, light-heartedness of Valentine’s Day. Think lots of chocolate- mostly with fruit, anything red – like red velvet, and of course, heart shaped products to the max. While most CPG brands participating were confectionery companies, others brands were less obvious to make a Valentine’s product. Lesser Evil popcorn created a Sweetheart White Chocolate Strawberry popcorn and Barilla pasta created heart shaped noodles. In the private label space, Target’s Favorite Day dominated the holiday with everything from pancake mix, sprinkles, and heart shaped marshmallows. They must have had 20+ exclusive products for Valentine’s Day. Trader Joe’s was a close second (no surprise), creating very innovative products like heart shaped, raspberry colored ravioli. It is fun to see how brands get creative with new innovation – tying both to their own brand and the holiday. See some of our favorite below.

Lesser Evil – Sweetheart Pop – White Chocolate Strawberry – Organic Popcorn
Three Wishes Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Grain Free Cereal
Deux Red Velvet Donut Holes
Chobani White Chocolate Raspberry Coffee Creamer
Barilla Heart Shaped Pasta
Rustic Bakery Sweet Hearts Vanilla and Chocolate Cookies
Tony’s Chocolonely Raspberry Milk Chocolate Bar
Chocolove Very Cherry Hearts
Target’s Favorite Day Red Velvet Pancake & Waffle Mix
Target’s Favorite Day Strawberry White Chocolate Hot Drink Bomb
Target’s Favorite Day Valentine’s Crunchy Clusters
Target’s Favorite Day Freeze-dried Strawberries
Target’s Favorite Day Cupids Sprinkles
Trader Joe’s Ricotta Cuoricini Ravioli
Trader Joe’s Italian Artisan Heart Shaped Pasta
Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Caramel Hearts