The Creative Pack worked closely with Fresh Thyme Farmers Market to create a unique design to highlight their new Zucchini and Carrot Spiral Range. Our motto for the design – “Who says being healthy doesn’t have to be fun and easy?” To set Fresh Thyme Veggie Spirals apart from branded competitors, each box was designed in a bold graphic style that captured the distinctive flavors and ingredients that come with each twirl of Fresh Thyme’s Zucchini and Carrot Spirals.   

The Brief

• Create a fun and inviting design that maintains the Fresh Thyme branding yet is a distinct range

• Compose a cohesive line that translates what the product and its health benefits

• Design bold graphics that capture and differentiate flavors and ingredients

The veggie spiral range needed to be bold and fun, yet on brand. Most design elements, customers will find follow the usual Fresh Thyme branding like the color skyline and brown tractor horizon line. Being a novelty item, it was crucial to explain what are veggie spirals, and why customers should by them. Vegetables don’t need to be boring. This needed to clear. It was also important for the packaging to make a distinction between the two types of spirals. Each box has its own exclusive graphic that caters to flavor and ingredients. Large in size, the bold 2D illustrations demand attention. In particular, the dynamic and interactive elements such as the fork laced in product and loose spirals – as if dancing – create movement and put emphasis on the fun and healthy characteristics of the product. In addition, the use of vibrant colors and bold copy work help the product stand out on shelf and catch the eyes of customers.

These dynamic illustrations help to create an energetic, lively design that remains on brand. The design creates a connection with its consumers both unfamiliar with this pasta alternative and those who vegetable lovers of all kinds.  

Download the press release here.