Design Consultancy, The Creative Pack is excited to share their latest award winning design, Fresh Thyme Pet Treats, under the marketplace’s Private Label Brand. As the lead design team for Fresh Thyme’s Private Label program, The Creative Pack had unique insight into what would make this new range a shining success. This range of 7 Beef Bones, Tubes, & Strips is already off to a great start with a 2019 GDUSA Package Design win in the books.

The Brief 


  1. Beginning with Dog Treats, create a new brand for a range of pet products 
  2. Translate the Fresh Thyme branding to work within pet category
  3. Capture important details that pet owners want to know
  4. Communicate the premium quality offered 
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The Creative Pack responded with a beautiful solution, blending the natural aesthetics of the Fresh Thyme Private Label Brand with premium design details that would resonate with a new age of mindful pet parents. The main feature is the detailed dog portraits – one large and one small. The painterly illustrative style was inspired by the colorful food illustrations created for Fresh Thyme’s natural food products. Showing the dog’s expression adds character and emotion that resonates with any dog lover – a Jack Russell’s charming smile or a Vizsla’s soulful gaze, you choose.

The Fresh Thyme logo is incorporated as a silver dog tag that hangs from the collar. The Creative Pack chose to use a silver metallic ink to give the logo an extra bit of sheen and tactile thoughtfulness. A rich color palette of primary colors is introduced, along with simple iconography to draw importance to crucial product features. For instance, all of Fresh Thyme’s dog treats are USDA Inspected, 100{711affa2c6bb84f98c0ea8259eb1dff497f250c63645d937340474115af0a357} Natural and Slow Roasted. Consumer trust is quickly reinforced by the use of a clear pack format that shows the actual product – because there’s nothing to hide!

The Creative Pack’s design solution adds a whole new category to Fresh Thyme’s Private Label Brand portfolio – one that embodies everything a loving pet parent could ask for. Through the launch of an award-winning Pet Brand, Fresh Thyme Farmer’s Market demonstrates what a successful category expansion looks like in 2019.

Download press release here.