Hey, I’m Josh – I am a designer at The Creative Pack. The Creative Pack holds a special place in my heart. This is where I had my first internship while I was attending art school and it served as my entry point into the professional world of design. It is also my first job where I actually looked forward to going to the office every day. Go figure!

So, I was pretty excited to use my skills to make something special that our team can incorporate into their future office space (one day). This year we’re celebrating 8 years as a creative team and the theme is bronze. We decided to gift Danielle a simple bronze-framed mirror to represent the importance of self-reflection. The mirror also had a little customization. That’s where I come in. Wink, wink.

I wanted to flex my creative muscles and add a personal touch by painting a design on the mirror’s surface. (Fun Fact: I was an Illustration major at Otis College of Art and Design). I’m always itching to do some hand-lettering. I also added an illustration of the company’s mascot, a fox.

Last week, after spending 24 hours together in Ojai, leaning hard into this idea of reflection, we presented the mirror to Danielle. We celebrated what the company has achieved in 8 years while holding space for the things we see in our future. Just like the fox, our team members are clever, resourceful, and able to adapt to the ever-evolving world around us. And I’m pretty sure we’re coming out of this pandemic stronger than ever.