We’ve won a Store Brand Innovation Award for Fresh & Easy’s Snacking Cup packaging. The product range is a new innovative concept with a healthy twist for on-the-go snacking. The range features a wide variety of interesting combinations from the traditional Pretzels and Hummus to the unique Carrots and Snap Peas with a Ginger Hoisin Dip. Along with many new dips and sauces, the cup packaging is conveniently designed to contain healthy portion sizes while still being able to fit in a car’s cup holder. 

Because of this convenient cup design, we designed a playful label for each unique combination. The handwritten font, chosen for its relaxed vibe, is reminiscent of a mother’s note to her child in their lunch box. Each item features an illustration of fruit and veggies in the background. The variety of colors selected complement the contents within the cup itself. 

The Fresh and Easy food policy does not allow artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives in any of their private brand products, making this a distinctly different range you can feel good about buying for yourself or your kids.

You can dowload a press release HERE.