Happy Taco de Mayo!

A good taco, just isn’t complete without a spicy and tasty salsa, so we thought, “what better way to celebrate 5 de Mayo?  A salsa competition!

In the wee hours last night, Packsters were chopping tomatoes, roasting peppers, and mixing spices…conjuring up unique versions of what could be the ultimate salsa.

The great thing about a competition like this, besides the fact that it requires eating, is experiencing everyone’s personal recipe. Since most recipes differ in ingredients, proportions and preparation, salsa is no different. And what a variety we got today!

Here were our competitors –

Heather: A tangy fresh classic salsa with a slight sweetness

Paola: A fresh salsa that was similar to that of a pico de gallo

Fern: A family recipe with a smoky pepper taste and a nice kick

(made milder to accommodate our more sensitive taste buds)

Emma: A sweet pineapple salsa, mimicking her Trader Joe’s favorite

Danielle made amazing “guacamole” to compliment the Salsa panel.

Since each salsa was so unique, it was hard to determine a clear winner. After a couple of rounds, the winner was chosen.

“Paola’s fresh” was the best.  Who would have guessed, that a Japanese person raised in Brazil would nail the taste and essence of Mexican salsa so well!  (Visually her salsa was the most vibrant too)

Congratulations Paola on the victory!