The GDUSA 2018 award winners have been announced and we couldn’t be more proud of our work with Roli Roti Butchers Bone Broth! The American Package Design Awards states on their website… “The outstanding work showcased here — from 200 elite design firms, design departments and production companies — is testimony to this phenomenon. Our annual competition celebrates attractive graphics, of course, but more importantly the power of design to forge an emotional link with the buyer at the moment of truth.” We are proud to be included as winners of the 2018 competition!

After completely redesigning Roli Roti’s brand last year we were excited to expand with them on a new range of uniquely seasoned sous vide cooked and ready to eat salad chicken. Sous vide cooking is a European technique and it is mostly used in high end kitchens, so it was important that we highlight the 70 years of butchers tradition to elevate the quality and create a design that showcased the premium small batch preparation that goes into this delicious chicken. 

The design consists of clean and modern layout utilizing the circular die cut window to show off the product freshness paired with overhead photography highlighting a serving suggestion for customers to be inspired to easily create at home.

Earlier this year we worked closely with Roli Roti to design a unique and engaging Expo West booth. At Expo West hundreds of exciting brands come together to showcase their products and innovations. Using key design elements from the packaging we had already developed for the bone broth range, such as the clean white brick, and the hand sketched animals, we created a branded space for Roli Roti to showcase their newest products and packaging.