Last week our team went on a creative outing organized by AIGA Los Angeles. We visited Paper Chase Press, located right on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. Paper Chase Press is a printer and bindery shop, family-run since 1976, catered to creative professionals in all industries. Their clients range from MOCA to Focus Features to Opening Ceremony. 

Image source: Paper Chase Press 

Nicole Katz, the owner, told us how their business started as an office supply store and then soon her parents started printing stationary. But there was this one day, that someone came into the shop asking if they printed headshots, and her father said ‘Of course we print headshots!’. All of a sudden, there was this boom of headshot business. She remembers that there were lines of actors around the block for days. Their business expanded and in the nineties they started focusing in other clients that were coming in, such as museums and art fairs, which they still work with today. 

We got the chance to see a little bit of the backstage. Since it was after work hours, we didn’t see their digital press at work. We were really impressed by the quality of the work. The staff of only 10 in the print room sends out roughly 2,000 custom made books every month. Something to keep in mind, nowadays with so many printing services being done overseas and over the internet, there are only a few places in which the designer can be in direct contact with the printer and guaranteeing a good quality print. 

Paper Chase Press also has INFOSHOP LA, which is right in front of their shop, they have beautiful notebooks and cards. And we learned that you can get your poster printed for only $0.99!! Check them out at


7161 W Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90046