In the Fall of 2018, the Mother’s Market team asked us to be part of their latest store launch – to inspire, plan, evolve, design, and facilitate a complete retrofit of their new location in Manhattan Beach, CA. Obviously, we were very excited to join forces with this bright & sunny SoCal favorite.

Mother’s Market / a little background on the brand.

  • Created by a group of yogi, plant-based pioneers
  • Established in 1978 in Orange County
  • First Location: Costa Mesa, CA now with 7 stores to date
  • Promote a colorful plant-centric diet >>>> Cornerstone for Healthy Living
  • 120 banned ingredients storewide
  • Over 40,000 products promoting health & well-being
  • Mindful staff care for each customers individual needs
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    Every location is truly a community mainstay for health and wellness. So how do we help Mother’s Market evolve amidst a highly dynamic, ever-changing grocery landscape? By staying true to who they are and honoring the long-standing mission of serving health & wellness to our community.

    The Brief / To deliver truth, beauty and goodness throughout the Body Care department.

    The Deliverables / Create strategized, well-executed design solutions for the following:

  • Beauty Bar signage
  • Custom Cabinet & Shelving Units
  • Beauty Bar Testing Area
  • Back Wall & Soap Area Merchandising
  • Shelf Stripping
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    This particular project had a quick turnaround – Concept to Execution in roughly 2 months. Despite the tight timeline, we were still able to custom build both fixtures as well as commission a lovely piece of hand-rendered typography from the talented hand-letterer Jo, from jomygoodness. This customization worked perfectly in the small space, and also gave the design just the right amount of character.

    Here’s a quick rundown of our process: 


    1. Align – Timeline & Critical Path, Design, Budget  
    2. Review – Schematic of Department, Collect Assets, etc.
    3. Discover – Review Competitors, Research Fixture, Merch, Signage & Decor Opportunities
    4. Creative – Moodboards, Strategy, & Design 
    5. Refine & Rollout – Guide Execution & Implementation to hit launch.
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    “Shopping for body care, makeup, etc. can be such a personal, intimate experience, so it felt essential to create a safe space for exploring products on your own terms. We wanted to create an environment that’s easy to shop, free from clutter & chaos. Let’s make the customer feel considered, comfortable and at home. We need thoughtful organization at every turn to honor their brand ethos – which, speaking as a Mother myself, is any Mothers dream. From there we made sure every inch of the Beauty & Soap design would celebrate their values, particularly ‘When you are distinctly you, You’re invincible.’ – Danielle Beal, Founder & Director of The Creative Pack

    Mother’s Values / Words to live by:

  • Service to Others.
  • Live with intention.
  • Uplift & Nourish.
  • When You are Distinctly You, You’re Invincible.
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    There is a raw untamed beauty that makes Mother’s an ideal destination for simple, natural Beauty Care products. The end result is smart, inclusive, approachable, but most importantly inspiring, reminding you that ‘You are Beautiful’ – exactly as you are! It was an honor to create ‘that little extra something’ that ignites a spark between the Mother’s brand and consumer. The best part about our job? We get to experience that joy over & over again, simply by visiting our local Mother’s Market.
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