We are excited to announce that we have won 3 more awards for GDUSA! We have won for Fresh & Easy’s Sriracha hot sauces, Fresh Salad Kits, and Farm to Store in 48hrs Point of Sale!

These 2 innovative hot sauces, a green and a red sauce, we launched to offer a product with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. The crystal label is a modern and clean approach in the condiment category. A pattern was created to add authenticity and allude to the provenance of the product since Sriracha originated in Thailand. The F&E clapple (clock-apple) logo was embedded into the pattern and a clean 1 color ink helps the products to stand out on shelf.

The campaign was created to convey freshness and highlight produce that is rushed from the field to the store within 48hrs. ‘It’s superfresh’ was used as the headline for in store marketing materials and a sticker was designed for packaging to distinguish, which products fit into the campaign. A paper tote bag was also created to add that sense of farmers market freshness.

The salad kits were designed for health conscious adults and families. The product itself is visible through the clear lid, showcasing fresh kale or asparagus and delicious toppings. The convenient packaging stands out on shelf with a bright green bowl. The label design combines juicy colors with a dark wooden texture, referencing the rustic, mix-it-yourself quality of the kit. An added call-out on the front informs the consumer that the salad is high in fiber or protein.

You can download a press release here