We are so happy to announce that we have won 4 more awards for AGDA 30! We have won for Fresh & Easy’s Fresh Salad Kits, Sriracha Hot Sauces, Everyday Paper and Take & Bake Pizza!

It’s been a true honor for our design team and we would like to say special thanks to our client Fresh & Easy who is open to our innovative ideas and pushing the boundaries of retail packaging design.

The range was developed to offer a convenient packaging solution to replace the traditional bagged salad kit packaging. The salad kits allow customers to mix and serve the salad in the product’s packaging, making it an ideal ready-to-go meal solution for health conscious adults and families. The fresh produce and toppings are visible through a clear lid, showcasing items like fresh kale, asparagus, grilled meats, dried fruit and seeds. The iconic circular design incorporates a dark wooden texture, giving subtle reference to a cutting board or family dinner table.

The set of Hot Sauces uses a crystal label on a classic Sriracha squeeze-top bottle – a modern approach within the condiment category. A Thai-style pattern was created to support the product’s provenance. The clapple (clock + apple logo) was incorporated into the circular pattern to create a cohesive design. Printing in 1-color created a bold, impactful presence on shelf.

The Everyday Paper range consists of paper towels, bathroom tissue, napkins, and facial tissues. The design was carefully crafted to be approachable while still pushing the boundaries for a product with value tiering. The bold typographic treatment and hip color palette makes a powerful statement on shelf – it reminds consumers that products can be affordable and desirable. Adding the phrase ‘everyday’ to the product title instantly heightened the value of this otherwise generic product.

A custom clapple (clock + apple logo) die-cut box simultaneously showcases the F&E brand and premium pizza product. The Italian Deli-style word pattern was created to surround the clapple window, giving the Take & Bake range an impactful presence in the refrigerated case. Sales per unit doubled after the re-launch, despite increasing the price. New Take & Bake SKUs were since introduced in Frozen & Bakery categories.

You can download the press release here