Starting in May, The Creative Pack got a new member to our team! Meet our intern, Casey! A current senior illustration / design student who we have been lucky enough to have. We have been loving having her in the office, and we want you to get to know her just like we have over the last couple of months. Read her interview below –

What made you fall in love with design?

For me, I don’t believe there was one defining moment when I knew I was in love with design or that I would pursue it as a career. I just always knew that I loved design and the creative process involved. If I had to pinpoint the origins of my affinity for art and design, I would say the two most influential inspirations are: movies and my dreams. Often as a child, and even now, I enjoy drawing and writing down my dreams from the night before. Jotting down every intricate detail as both word and picture, I feel that it really organizes my thoughts and creative ideas. 

Was there a moment when you realized this is what you wanted to pursue?

Most of my family and friends aren’t in the art field so my artistic hobbies appeared to be only leisure activity—and not as a future career. It wasn’t until I began applying for college when the reality set in that my passion for art would lead to a career in design. 

What do you like best about interning at The Creative Pack?

I admire and appreciate how everyone is working as team. The work environment is friendly and everyone is patient in teaching me. I’m grateful for each day that I get to learn something new and be able to contribute at The Creative Pack. Personally, I love innovative packaging design, and this internship has invited me the opportunity to be involved in how packaging is designed.

Who is a designer or artist that inspires you the most?

Honestly, I’m not sure if there is a particular artist/designer that inspires me the most (I keep a running list of artists/designers whose work I admire—it’s quite long actually). I will name a few that I am currently obsessed with: Nina Cosford, Christoph Niemann, Jean Jullien, and Geoff McFetridge. 

What are 3 words that best describe you?

Imaginative, Perceptive, Empathetic 

Goals for the future?

As of right now, I hope to secure a job after graduating. Also, I plan to travel more with friends and family. For now, I plan to spend more time making meaningful connections with the people around me.  

What do you do in your spare time?

I love watching movies, catching up on TV shows, Korean dramas. I also really enjoy playing the piano and practicing the ukulele. And most importantly, I look forward to those moments spending time with friends and family.