What made you fall in love with design?

I grew up being surrounded by artists – both of my grandmothers, mother, father, uncle, and aunt. It was hard not to naturally gravitate toward the creative world. I was always doing some kind of art project. For a while, I thought I wanted to become a fashion designer, but I hated sewing! What made me fall in love with graphic design was my love for magazines – layouts, typography, and illustration. Once I discovered that being a graphic designer was a job and the countless amount of things that I could have the opportunity to design, I knew this is what I wanted to pursue.

What do you like best about your job?

I love being a graphic design intern at The Creative Pack. It’s amazing seeing the designs go from digital files on our computer screens to packages. The designs really take on a new life when they are in your hands. I also love having the opportunity to work on a variety different projects with unique styles and criteria. Part of my job is to also be in charge of social media. It’s such a crucial thing for designers today. I enjoy helping The Creative Pack have a voice in the design world. 

Give 3 words that best describe you?

Inspired, Team Player, Driven

Goals for the future?

As a young graphic designer, I have so many goals, but ultimately I want to be creating work that is beautiful and that I am proud of. I think there is always so much potential to create beauty in everything around us. I hope that through design I can help even in the slightest way to better what we are visually seeing. 

What do you do in you spare time?

My ultimate thing I love to do is travel, however, being a working girl, it’s hard to do. However, I do love to explore LA whether that be trying a new restaurant, visiting an art show, or listening to local musicians. On days off I am usually listen to music and working on my latest art project. If not at home, I am probably at a coffee shop or a record store.