We are very excited to announce LEVAIN BAKERY has won Silver in the 50th Creativity International Awards for their commissioned Mural Map Series. The following illustrated & hand painted series was recognized within the Environmental Graphics category:

  • Upper East Side Mural Map
  • Noho Mural Map
  • Williamsburg Mural Vignettes
  • Georgetown Mural Vignettes

More about the Commissioned Series:

In 2019, Levain Bakery commissioned a series of murals as a way to celebrate a few of their NYC locations. Gorgeous wall maps were designed and individually tailored to each location to highlight their architectural charm. It was a fitting tribute to the colorful neighborhoods and diverse individuals that call New York City home. To maintain authenticity, Brooklyn-based illustrator Libby Vander Ploeg was chosen to illustrate the one-of-a-kind illustrations for the Mural Maps. She was a natural fit for the project. Her playful depictions of New Yorkers and iconic landmarks perfectly embodied the energy of each neighborhood location. The Levain Mural Maps were designed, illustrated, and proudly hand painted at four locations – the Upper East Side, Williamsburg, Georgetown and Noho. Hand painted by the talented NYC artist, Matt Meyer of Alloy Arts, who is known for his decorative art and architectural installations.

Fun Fact: A Levain cookie illustration was cleverly incorporated into each scene, as well as the Levain founders Pam & Connie.

“Creativity International Design Awards is one of the longest running, independent advertising and graphic design competitions. Winning entries are selected for their quality of art, or their advertising impact, or both. ” 


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