The part of Culver City that runs along Washington Blvd. behind the old Helms Bakery is often an area that folks just drive past. However, if you take the time to explore this stretch you will find some great shops, that feel like they are there for the neighborhood – peppered amongst the office spaces, giving the feeling of a walking city (which LA seems to lack). Hi-Lo’s brick red entrance and simple neon sign next to Cool Haus’ bright, rainbow themed storefront makes it easy to spot.

As I stepped into the shop the first thing that I noticed was the feeling I got of walking into a personal library. The walls were lined with shelves displaying their variety of goods. With Hi-Lo boasting itself as liquor market, the offerings consist primarily of alcohol. Mike, who sources the adult beverages – wine, beer, liquor, etc – chooses what to carry not only because of his extensive knowledge, but also through customer feedback. He wants to offer unique choices that will allow customers to discover something new and exciting.

Other than their large boozy selection, items like cheeses, canned coffees, CBD beverages, chocolates, pantry items and snacks, for everyday and entertaining, are sprinkled around the store. Though not extensive, they do make the effort to carry some local goods as well.

I did walk out of the store with a few items that I had to try, because discovering new favorites is a mission for me. I am most excited to try the Slingshot Coffee sodas. Hi-Lo is a great local Culver City spot perfect for when someone wants to discover something new and unique. They also have locations in Long Beach and Costa Mesa.