It’s Easter! Time to hunt for eggs full of goodies!
Not all countries celebrate Easter the same way, here in the US we decorate hard boiled eggs and we hide plastic eggs filled with candies for the kids to hunt for on Sunday mornings. 

In the UK and in Brazil, it’s all about the chocolate eggs! They can vary in size, from a couple inches to a couple feet long.  The prices vary greatly as well! Traditionally the chocolate eggs are filled with mainly chocolate, but nowadays they come with little surprise toys or even jewelry! On Easter morning, all the mothers draw bunny trails for the kids to follow and find their eggs. The kids wake up as early as they can, even earlier than on school days.

In Brazil, Easter is one of the biggest events of the year.  Right after Carnival season ends, you start seeing all the grocery stores having their aisles filled with chocolate eggs. It can be quite overwhelming!

We wish you a lovely weekend and Happy Easter!