The next venture from the Gjusta Group team, who owns Gjelina, Gjelina Take Away, Gjusta Bakery, Gjusta Goods and Valle, and now both Gjusta Grocers and Gjusta Flower Shop. Taking some of the market provisions, bakery and menu items already found in Gjusta Bakery into a micro grocery store filled with not only beloved Gjusta products but also local farmers market produce, curated high end specialty pantry staples, meats, cheeses, wine, beer and more. Similar to Cookbook, but (maybe strategically) on the Westside to be one of the only markets of its kind west of the 405.

The expansion into grocery made sense for the Gjusta Group who already expanded into more prepared items during the pandemic, making Gjusta Bakery half restaurant half market. With Gjusta Bakery, as well as the rest of their restaurants back in the swing of things, it seems like all they needed was a new space to house this venture they already started, as well as more team members to focus on this specific side of the business.

Blocks away from the famed Venice sign, walking into the Gjusta Grocers takes one into a whole other world outside of the craziness of the boardwalk. Keeping to a similar aesthetic to Gjusta Bakery with a rustic, warehouse vibe, the beautiful open space feels fancy, yet attainable and welcoming. The perfect bodega-esque shop that one can trust is in “the know” and has the best of the best products inside. And all that being said, it for sure comes with a price tag.

When entering you are greeted with a table of fresh farmer’s market produce as well as a long row of fridges filled with more produce, cheeses, lots of unqiue beverages (functional, kombucha, and more) as well as Gjusta made dressings, dips, sauces, soups and other prepared items. Some of their homemade sauces include Green Tahini, Beet & Walnut, Red Cheese Pesto and Mushroom Bolognese. A unique selection and restaurant quality. Need a meal on the go? They have a variety of salads, sandwiches, soups and more that include a Turkey Bahn Mi, Gravlax, Falafel Mezze Bowl, Chicken Dumpling Soup, Corn Soup and Vegetarian Lasagna. Items that can be found at their Gjusta Bakery, but all packaged up.

Another aspect that makes this grocery store unique is the cash register that also acts as a small coffee shop serving Gjusta coffee drinks as well as their fresh breads, bagels, crossiants, cookies, and more. Bringing yet another piece of the Gjusta Bakery to this space. A great alternative spot to go get the same coffee and pastry rather than wait in the potential 30 minute line at Gjusta Bakery.  

Small aisles are filled with shelf stable classics from olive oils, spices, tomato sauces, grains from pasta to rice, crackers, nut butters, jams and chocolates. Though all products are high end, they range in terms of accessibility and popularity. For example, Gjusta Grocers carries well know indie olive oil brand Brightland, up and comer brand Graza, as well as imported old school olive oil from Umbira, Italy called Il Casolare. Sprinkled in each section, again, is a selection of Gjusta made products (olive oil, crackers, jams and spices).

Tucked in the back is a freeze filled with meats seemingly from a local butcher as well as frozen treats like Ulis Gelato. Passing the freezers is a large nook filled with wines and beers. A variety that one will for sure find something they find interesting and pair nicely with the rest of the items in their basket.

This new business within the Gjusta Group is a natural continuation of the brand with the growth of the home chef. What makes Gjusta Grocers unique is their own private label products that are already loved by their community as well as the ability to curate what feels authentic to their brand. Every product makes the customer feel like whatever they cook will come out well because they are given the right “tools” to do so. Gjusta Grocers gives customers the space to have a restaurant quality meal at home everyday.