October starts off sweet with 3 new award wins from the GDUSA Health + Wellness Awards! Here at the Creative Pack we are very passionate about working with brands that are focused on improving and promoting health, innovation in this area is always exciting so we are very happy to have some new work to share that is award winning!

The first is for Fresh Thyme Kombucha which features a range of uniquly flavored fermented tea drinks that are reminiscent of the Fresh Thyme’s core private label design, with a similar structure and strength, but a personality all it’s own that appeals more to the health focused client. It is a bold and refreshing design that appeals to Kombucha lovers as well as customers unfamiliar with the product but are captured by its unique design and clear health benefits. You can read more about this project in a previous blog post here!

The next award is for Fresh Thyme Vitamin C Drink Mix. Just in time for flu prevention season, Fresh Thyme introduces their own organic on-the-go packets for this classic vitamin c powder supplement drink. A quick and convenient way to get those electrolytes and vitamins in your body, these single serve packets were created in the design that we have already established for Fresh Thyme’s wellness category, which utilizes the bright colored burst in addition to the classic tractor and logo combination. Adding the orange illustration gives immediate recognition to the drinks flavor and makes it feel fresh and vibrant.  

The final award is for our work on the Chris Dudley Diabuddies Dash For Diabetes. The Chris Dudley Foundation is a resource and a clearinghouse for kids, teens & young adults with diabetes and the people who share their lives. We helped create branding and identity as well as collateral for the foundation so they can put on their own run/walk in order to raise money for their organization. Using simple icons representing running, along with friendly colors and typography that will appeal to all age ranges makes for a nice cohesive design that can be used for multiple events.

Download the press release here.