We’ve won a GDUSA Award for Fresh & Easy’s Seasoning Blends packaging. The jarred seasonings packaging is a modern interpretation of a classic kitchen staple. The range features four uniquely themed flavor profiles such as Malibu Bay Seasoning for fish & seafood and Rustic Tuscan Seasoning for Chicken, Lamb & Stews. The theme of each product is carried visually through with the watermark illustration and pattern. Each label is also strongly color-coded with a bold color palette to support product differentiation, since the seasoning mixtures are identical in color.


The modern label design pairs nicely with the traditional, natural corked jars. Using a beautiful transparent jar allows the product to speak for itself – you are able to see exactly what you get, which has become an important attribute for today’s consumers. All of these aspects contribute to the premium yet approachable feeling of the seasonings design. The Fresh and Easy food policy does not allow artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives in any of their private brand products, making this a distinctly different range you can feel good about buying for yourself or your kids.

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