The Creative Pack worked closely with Fresh Thyme Farmers Market to create a fresh, unique design to highlight their new Organic Kombucha. Since it is specialty range rarely seen in private label, it needed to have a design to match. To set Fresh Thyme’s Kombucha apart from branded competitors, we designed the bottles with a bold, energetic, graphic style that highlighted the multiple health benefits as well as the one of a kind flavors that are in each sip of Fresh Thyme’s Kombucha.

The Brief

• Translate the Fresh Thyme design into a drink range associated with the “healthy living” lifestyle.

•  Emphasize health benefits of Kombucha to draw in new & existing customers

• Capture exciting flavors such as Thyme Lime, Black Currant & Blueberry Matcha through package design.

• Create a cohesive line that maintains the Fresh Thyme brand and stands out on the shelf.

The process began with determining how to translate the existing Fresh Thyme branding into a novelty drink range that highlights the healthy living lifestyle associated with this beverage. We needed to determine which design elements to maintain and which to adapt to better embody Kombucha. The Creative Pack was able to successfully create a distinct range that captures the essence and characteristics of Kombucha while standing out on shelf.

The background is not the typical tractor horizon and colored skyline – instead it is a full single color gradient reminiscent of the beverage. On either side of the title, side banners highlight the health benefits of the Kombucha – “Nourish, Enlighten, Balance and Focus.” Calling out these natural powers entices new customers who might be unfamiliar with what Kombucha is, and why one should drink it. These banners as well as the title “Kombucha” and descriptor, “Sparkling Fermented Tea,” were emphasized in metallic ink for these elements to pop out on the label.    

It was also very important for the packaging to distinguish its seven exotic flavors. Unique to Kombucha, Fresh Thyme range includes flavors such as Thyme Lime, Black Currant & Blueberry Matcha. To accentuate this, lively illustrations of the ingredients are scattered around the title, as if dancing. The incorporation of bubbles plays into the idea that this is sparkling beverage. It also creates the illusion that the ingredients are floating about inside – all to compose the Kombucha.

Fresh Thyme’s Kombucha range design is reminiscent of the Fresh Thyme’s core private label design, with a similar structure and strength, but a personality all it’s own that appeals more to the health focused client. It is a bold and refreshing design that appeals to Kombucha lovers as well as customers unfamiliar with the product but are captured by its unique design and clear health benefits. 

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