Over the past two years, The Creative Pack has been busy working with client Fresh Thyme Farmers Market in creating and developing its private label brand. The line launched in January of 2015 and is being sold in all of Fresh Thyme’s 48 stores. Since its launch the line has been a major success, becoming Fresh Thyme’s biggest selling brand. We feel priviledged to be a part of this development process since day 1 –designing over 900 products, rolling out new and innovative products out each month. We are so proud of the work we have done with Fresh Thyme yet even more excited about the recognition the retailer has gotten from industry leaders!

Our job began early in 2015, when asked to create Fresh Thyme’s private label branding. We had to establish a look for the packaging that not only represented the retailer, but also sold their products well. Pulling from Fresh Thyme’s core values – honesty, superior value, straight talk, and shopping ease, we also needed to make sure our design complimented the style already implemented in Fresh Thyme’s stores and online. Our key goals for the design was it to be:

– Impactful, easy to shop that maintains a natural, organic stance

– Communicative of Fresh Thyme’s high food quality standards

– Clear voice that was fun and inviting

– Complimentary to the existing fresh design aesthetic used in-store and online

Our design solution defined by key elements included – a ‘farm horizon,’ containing Fresh Thyme’s iconic tractor, a color-coded sky that coordinates with a bold product title, and fun handcrafted 2D illustrations. These bold elements distinguish Fresh Thyme’s line from other brands on the shelf. The line truly has a unique identity unlike any other private label.

The design expands across both the Natural and Organic range with the ‘farm horizon range changing colors to distinguish between the two (brown & green). Though each product maintains these basic design elements, each product is given its own spin inspired by the products’ characteristics, usage, and origin. Our aim is to capture the nature of the product and excite Fresh Thyme consumers, creating products that really sell. The illustration component of the design truly helps in making the brand recognizable.

Ranges within the Fresh Thyme private label including Wood Fired Frozen Pizza, Functional Tea, and Coconut Water have received design awards. With new innovative products coming out, the challenge is to keep true to the brand while creating new distinctive evolutions of the brand for specific categories. However, we are up to the challenge!

We have won multiple design awards for Fresh Thyme including a Gold Vertex Award for the Natural Range, Silver Vertex Award for the Organic Range, Silver Vertex Award for the Stone Over Frozen Pizza, a Gold Store Brand Award for the Natural Range, a GDUSA Design Award for Coconut Water and Tea, as well as a GDUSA Health + Wellness Award for Fresh Thyme Functional Tea. We could not be happier with the success of the design as well as the complete body of work.

Keep an eye out for new exciting product launches from Fresh Thyme and to see what we do best.