We are so excited to announce we have won three Vertex Awards for Fresh Thyme! We won one gold award for the Core Range, and two silver awards for the Organic Range and the Frozen Pizza Range. We feel truly honored to be working with Fresh Thyme as well as giving us the opportunity to push the boundaries for innovative food packaging.

Our job was to develop a new private brand for Fresh Thyme. The Chicago based retailer launched 300+ products in 2015-2016 that all needed a signature look. The farm horizon works as a holding device for the product title, making the brand identifiable from SKU to SKU. The sky’s color changes per SKU to clearly differentiate between flavors. Each product also has a custom illustration.

The Organic Range uses the same farm horizon design as the Core Range in terms of its look and feel, but with a green color scheme. This creates a clear distinction between the two different ranges at Fresh Thyme. This design also uses a green version of the logo with the word ‘Organic’ set in white to maximize differentiation on shelf.

We also created the packaging for a range of Italian imported frozen pizzas that follows the established Core brand guidelines with the brown horizon and colored sky background. Using a specific flat illustration-style to depict delicious, appetizing pizza was challenging but now helps the range stand out from a crowd of photographic solutions­­.

You can download a press release here.