The Creative Pack worked closely with Fresh Thyme Farmers Market to create distinct and personable designs for their new reusable canvas bag range highlighting six states that Fresh Thyme is located in. Sold exclusively in its correlating state, each bag captured that state’s unique traits in a bold graphic style celebrating its history, sights, culture and community.

The Brief 

• Translate the Fresh Thyme design into a canvas bag range

• Capture each of the state’s unique characteristics 

• Highlight each states personality while creating a cohesive range

It was very important for the bags to make a clear distinction between the six states while maintaining a cohesive look as a range. While most of the usual Fresh Thyme packaging branding was removed a similar aesthetic and style was used that was better suited for a bag range. What remained was the Fresh Thyme logo positioned in the upper left corner. The choice to eliminate typical Fresh Thyme components allotted more space to include key distinguishing traits of each state. Each bag includes the state’s name, silhouette, prominent monuments and a collection of state recognized wildlife. These components are scattered across the surface of the bag to create a pattern. To balance the busier design, almost all of the design details were kept in black. This allows the design to pop against the off white tote. A single color, unique to the state, is employed to highlight details like the Fresh Thyme logo and state name. 

Also included are state slogans and sayings such as “The Great Lakes State” and “America’s Dairyland” that blend seamlessly into the design and distinguish state from state. It’s this kind of small detail that locals can truly appreciate and relate to. The handwritten font adds to that personalized feel that makes each bag one of a kind and a must have! 


Fresh Thyme’s state canvas bag range design captures each states’ personalities, celebrating their individual features in a bold, graphic and fresh style. The bags individual design, distinct per state, creates a closer connection to Fresh Thyme shoppers that they can identify with and can’t deny buying for their next trip to Fresh Thyme.  

Download our case study here.