Welcome Fatty Mart, the new it-spot in town located in Mar Vista. This is the newest venture of chef, David Kuo, of famed Westside modern Taiwanese restaurant, Little Fatty (which happens to be just around the corner). Now don’t be fooled, Fatty Mart isn’t just a Taiwanese market version of Little Fatty (though that would also be amazing). It is something way beyond that. Though an asian market at its core, this mart truly is a food mecca of the diverse cultures of Los Angeles. 

A la Erewhon, Fatty Mart isn’t just a market or even micro grocery store – its a destination. A place made to hang out at. Hugging the sides of the market is a hot food bar, take away food counter, a coffee bar and a tap beer station. Food dishes range from Mexican, Korean, Vietnamese and American. There are more traditional, classic dishes like Korean banchans, as well as more innovative dishes like a mapo tofu pizza. All dishes and drinks can be enjoyed on their on-site dining area which one sees before entering inside the mart.

The marketplace offerings of Fatty Mart, like the prepared food, is very diverse. Its a mix of what one would find in an asian 7-11 or asian marketplace like H Mart or neighbor, Mitsuwa, with another a LA based microgrocery store like Cookbook of Jon and Vinnys. Fatty Mart also does a good job of mixing more “high brow” products with more “low brow”products. For example products range from a Lay’s Spring Limited Edition Salt Pepper Shrimp potato chip from China to a Single Origin Stone Ground Pistachio Butter made by Fresno based, Arnett Farms. That example also shows the range from international large corporation brands vs. local small business brands of Los Angeles. Other local brands spotted in the mart include tortillas from famed Mejorado of Burritos Las Palmas, ice cream from Wanderlust Creamery, bread loaves from Jyan Issac Breads as well as cold bottled teas from home style Chinese restaurant Woon. 

Fatty Mart accomplishes a lot all in one location – a marketplace, cafe, and ultimate hang out spot. Most of all I would say it’s a place of discovery. Fatty Mart is a gateway for people into the different foods and cultures across Los Angeles, predominately highlighting that of asian origins. Simply, it’s a place that does it all.