On March 9th & 10th, we attended Expo West – an annual trade show in the natural, organic, and healthy industry held at the Anaheim Convention Center. We have complied our top food & beverage trends that we saw and are excited by from the show. Below is our top 7 trends. Download our full report to see some of the innovative brands in each of these categories & products they featured at the show. 


1. Milk Alternatives

coconut, almond, oat, banana & pea based milk in single & multi serving size

2. Bone Broth

a protein filled ready to drink beverage, cooking ingredient, and powdered supplement 

3. Functional Beverages

probiotic soda, maple water, cactus water, kombucha, cider, & vinegar

4. Pasta Alternatives

rice, vegetable & bean (chickpea & black bean) based pasta, gluten free & high in protein

5. Vegan Alternatives

non-dairy, meat free products made from vegetables, beans & nuts. products include

yogurt, mayonnaise, nut cheese, & patties

6. Nutritional Chips

vegetable, fruit & protien based “better for you” alternative snacks

7. Functional Bites

fruit, vegetable, nut & meat based protein and energy bites & bars

To learn more, download our 2017 Expo West Trend Report here.