Happy Fresh Veggies Day! Remember as a kid you were always told to eat your vegetables, and you would look down at those three pieces of broccoli on your plate and cringe? While we hope you have moved passed a hate relationship with vegetables, because they really can be delicious, we have ways to make eating vegetables more fun!

Here are 3 Ways to Celebrate Eat Your Veggies Day –

You can support your neighborhood by volunteering at a community garden (Los Angeles Community Garden Council LACGC) or renting a plot to grow produce for people in need. 

Visit your local farmer’s market for a variety of fresh organic produce.

Make your own veggie pasta with spiraled vegetables such as zucchini or spaghetti squash. Top it off with a pesto sauce made from fresh herbs and it’s a perfectly delicious meal made entirely of veggies!  (spinach walnut pesto)


Get creative with vegetables and turn them into edible vessels containing the perfect baked egg. Choose vegetables with either a hollow cavity or wide enough shape (suggested vegetables: bell peppers- red, orange, or yellow are best–sweeter; avocados). 


Add some veggies to your freshly squeezed juice or blended smoothie for an added source of fiber, protein, and other beneficial nutrients. (can add spinach, kale, cucumber, celery, etc.)