We are so excited to announce that we have won a Creativity International Award! We have won a silver award for Caliwater Cactus Water!

Being recognized for our design excellence in packaging is especially exciting as this is a core part of our business. We are proud of this achievement and praise the hard work and creativity of our team. We would like to give special thanks to our client Caliwater who is open to innovative ideas and pushing boundaries of retail packaging design.

Wild Prickly Pear Cactus Water is the first ready-to-drink enhanced water powered by the Cactus-grown super fruit, Prickly Pear. In January 2015, Caliwater re-launched their Prickly Pear enhanced water beverage in a sleek Tetra Prisma Aseptic Package. The re-design began with a simple phrase – ‘Desert Discovered’. This inspired the naïve hand-carved illustrations and symbols on pack. The iconic illustrations help depict the ancient tale of locally sourced prickly pear fruit and it’s powerful health benefits. 

You can download a press release here