Meet Anja, a very ambitious 7th grader on a mission to bring comfort and happiness to kids newly diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Did we mention she’s also one of our clients? She’s a very busy girl. That’s why we are currently helping her design some fun materials for BOXES OF JOY for Diabetics – a non profit project that Anja and her mother started after Anja was diagnosed exactly one year ago.

October 8th was a big day for the Busse family. It was Anja’s 1st Diaversary – or as we like to say “1 year of kicking Diabetes butt”. When you look at all that she’s accomplished in one short year, you’ll agree, she’s kicking butt. In addition to BOXES OF JOY, she also illustrates her very own cards, filled with positivity.

Here is one of her recipients, a 3 year-old from Trinidad and Tabago.

And if that’s not enough, she’s also petitioning to get American Girl Dolls to create a doll with an Insulin Pump and other Diabetic supplies. (You may have seen her on your local news channel). Get more info on their non-profit work here:

We found out Ingrid wanted to turn the tables on Anja and have everyone send her some well-deserved handmade cards for her 1st Diaversary. How could we pass up this request? We adore Anja, so this happily become our very first team Creative Exercise of the year! Here we go! Check out our homemade greeting card workshop. We forgot how much fun it can be drawing with crayons. Thanks for the inspiration Anja!

As you can tell we had a blast. We hope that Anja felt the love all the way from California 🙂 You go girl!!!