Back in March it was The Creative Pack’s 2nd Anniversary. In honor of the 2nd year, which is symbolized by cotton, each Pack member created custom Converse sneakers.

For the last couple of weeks, Converse packages slowly rolled into the office. Each one was an exciting surprise for everyone to see everyone’s individual designs. It was show and tell. Everyone had free reign designing his or her sneakers. (Though most of us decided to coordinate with The Creative Pack colors).

On the converse site, there were a variety of colors and patterns to choose from. Each element of the sneaker was customizable – outer body, inner body, heel stripe, tongue, lining, rubber sidewall, racing stripe, eyelets, stiches, and laces. So the possibilities were endless!

So now here is our little show and tell of our new sneakers.

However, it would be no fun just to tell you whose sneakers are whose, so we decided to make a game. Get out a pen and piece of paper and match the Pack member with his or her sneakers!

How did you think you did? Here are your answers – how many did you get right?