Last week we spent the day in the Jon Edwards Photography Studio shooting for one of our clients. The day included reshooting current food products to update our clients packaging and also shooting new products that they are adding to their brand. So what goes into shooting for something as simple as food?

Well it’s not as simple as it may seem, before the shoot day we develop a mood board of photography styles, textures and colors to help the photographer understand the look and feeling.  

Once at the studio we work closely with the food stylist, photographer and client. Trying to make a product look as delicious as possible takes some work, especially if it needs to be cooked…much more prep goes into products that are fresh.  We then discuss the plating, props, lighting, angle etc., all major decisions that go into making each individual shot perfect. At this particular studio we have amazing natural light that comes through the large industrial windows which really helps to make the food feel more life like and appetizing. In addition there are thousands of kitchen props and table surfaces to choose from, some places you need to bring in your own props so we love working at this studio.

Things to consider before a photoshoot:

1. Bring extra product! What happens if you burn it, drop it, cut it wrong? Woops not good.

2. Be prepared not to rush, it can sometimes take hours to get 1 shot right depending on your client, the expectations and sometime the food just isn’t working for the camera that day…

3. Use your design skills to jump in and make suggestions. You will be the one using these photos to develop them on pack so consider every detail, don’t take over for the photographer but use your knowledge to make suggestions that might make for a better product, your client will be happy you did.

4. Be excited about your clients product, even if its not right up your alley, show some enthusiasm for them!

5. Eating is involved! Try the product out and get inspired by the taste!