The Creative Pack worked closely with Fresh Thyme Farmers Market to create a a refreshing design for the new plant-based household cleaning products range.

Objectives for Project:

• To design a sub-brand for household cleaning products that is cohesive within the existing Fresh Thyme design

• To determine new color coding system to differentiate products

• To develop custom ingredient illustrations to identify scents

The process began with determining how to translate the Fresh Thyme design into a line of cleaning products. We asked ourselves, “What design components should remain the same and what should be changed or added?” We successfully created a line that stands out on shelves while still keeping the essence of the Fresh Thyme’s current branding. The new design resonates more closely with the ingredients and functions of the products.

An easy cue for consumers to view this as sub-brand is altering the color system. Instead of the standard bold brown farm horizon and vibrant colored-changing skyline, a lighter brighter palette is implemented to resonate the function of the products. A light yellow-green farm horizon and white skyline is used across all products and ranges. A hand-drawn leaf pattern silhouette is added to the skyline as an extra design element and really emphasizes these products as plant-based. The word “Plant-Based” is also added in white to all titles in the standard Fresh Thyme font. Since a white skyline is maintained across all products a new color system had to be created. A single colored band is placed behind scent illustrations and titles to separate products within the range.

The design really lends itself to its natural ingredients and cleaning functions. The design is softer and prettier then most cleaners that often lean more clinical and bold (for an “intense” clean). This range consumers would want to leave out above their washing machines. 

Earlier this year, Fresh Thyme Household Cleaning Products design was recognized as a Vertex Award Bronze winner and an American Graphic Design & Advertising (AGDA) award winner, for its innovation and originality.

Download the press release here.