Its another year of sucess here at The Creative Pack. We are excited to announce we have won two Vertex Awards for Fresh Thyme Farmers Market. The Vertex Awards are the only international competition devoted exclusively to the art of private brand packagin design. We received one gold for the Market Reserve Premium Tier Range and one silver for the Kid Cereal Range. 

Gold Award

Fresh Thyme Market Reserve Premium Tier Range

Under the subbrand, Market Reserve, Fresh Thyme’s Premium Range is defined by its minimalistic, clean design. It’s characterized by its cream color background, one size, one weight title treatment, color coded tag and metallic silver details. A new look for the brand, completely separate from their natural range, but still maintains the essence of Fresh Thyme. The design is sophisticated, expensive and reflects the high quality product inside. It stands out on shelf and has its own distinct personality in the Fresh Thyme private label range.

Silver Award 

Fresh Thyme Kid Cereal Range

Part of a new range, Fresh Thyme Kid Cereals are bold and graphic. To maintain the Fresh Thyme look, unique characters and bold cereal illustrations were captured on each box, something extremely unseen on cereal ranges. The illustrations capture the nature of the product and excite the consumer. To differentiate the adult cereal from the kids’, fun and age appropriate characters interact with the cereal to peek youthful and curious imaginations – ranging from Peanut Monsters to Rainbow Unicorns. These dynamic illustrations all different in design remain cohesive of the Fresh Thyme’s core private label design, with a similar structure and strength, but a personality all of its own. A bold, energetic, fun and refreshing design that makes the range pop on shelf and compete with competitor brands.

You can download the press release here