We are excited to announce that we have won three Creativity International Awards for our work with Fresh Thyme Farmers Market and La Terra Fina. We won one silver award for our design of the Fresh Thyme Kid’s Cereals and two bronze awards for our work on the Fresh Thyme Fresh Pizza as well as the La Terra Fina Dips and Quiches

As part of the 1000+ SKU private label program, Fresh Thyme asked us to create a design for a new range of 8 cereals. This staple product is Non-GMO made in both the natural and organic range for kids & adults.To set Fresh Thyme cereal apart from branded competitors, we designed the boxes with a bold graphic style while maintaining the Fresh Thyme look. Never done before, the unique characters and playful illustrations set Thyme Fresh cereal apart on the shelf. 

With children in mind, we designed fun and age appropriate characters to peek their youthful and curious imaginations; ranging from Peanut Monsters to Rainbow Unicorns, the designs are fun and full of life. 

Fresh Thyme’s Fresh Pizza Range is also part of Fresh Thyme’s private label program. With the fresh pizza being the most premium (fresh not frozen) of the pizza sold, the design really needed to highlight this product and stand out amongst the other pizzas. Its an effortless and approachable design that captures the true essense of the pizza. 

From delicious dips to quiches, La Terra Fina has been using quality ingredients to make food that everyone would want to share. The consumers love their products, yet often don’t notice the brand who makes them. A new look was created for the La Terra Fina brand to position themselves for the long-term in the marketplace. The packaging architeture was strategically designed to ensure La Terra Fina gets credit and recognition it deserves for the real and delicious food that it is. Inviting, fresh and wholehearted, the design creates teh emotion a brand needs to connect with consumers and the longevity to stay relevant to the market.

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