Wild West Chocolate

Organic Chocolate Sweetened Only With Fruit

Wild West has boldly launched itself into the world of Gourmet Better-For-You Chocolate on a clear mission – to return chocolate to its raw and rustic roots. The new brand entered the scene with 9 artisanal Chocolate products in total: 3 Nut Clusters, aka Bear Claws, and 6 Bars, all sweetened only with real Organic Fruit. That’s right, no sugar added.

Wild West combines the spirit of the West and nature’s most irresistible ingredients into a one-of-a-kind recipe of pure cacao and naturally sweet crushed fruit. No sugar added. No GMOs. Each plant-based SKU combines dramatic nature scenes, untamed wild animals, and classic western folk design cues. For instance, the Prairie Oat Bar is an Organic Oatmilk Chocolate Bar with Toasted Oat inclusions – or Huckleberry & Cashew Bear Claws, with freshly foraged inclusions, covered in Oatmilk Chocolate.

On two of the chocolate bar skus, Cowboy Coffee and Most Wanted, The Creative Pack teamed up with illustrator, Alex Fine, to create one-of-a-kind illustration that were combined with the photography to create unique pieces of art to best depict the bar. To preserve the better-for-you promise of Wild West products, the color palette is purposefully subdued in its earthy tones. It is so simple, yet creates a large impact on shelf. Ownable to Wild West.

And if the brand’s ethos is rooted in nature, what is its lifeblood? Pure, unadulterated water. That’s why Wild West Chocolate makes a donation from every sale to National Wild and Scenic Rivers Systems to help protect and preserve the wild rivers that mean so much to the natural world.

The Creative Pack partnered with the Wild West team to create a brand aesthetic that echoes Wild West Chocolate’s powerful purpose, followed by a rollout of 9 products for the initial launch. This ruggedly fresh family of chocolate products has unearthed new territory for cacao lovers alike. Welcome to the Wild West, a new frontier in chocolate where daring flavor roams free and doing good runs wild. Go Forth. Eat Chocolate.

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