Sensitive Home Cleaners

Sensitive Home came to The Creative Pack to help redesign their current cleaning lines – Household Cleaners, Laundry Detergents and Dish Soaps. Sensitive Home is the next generation of people-safe home cleaning solutions that set the highest bar – especially for those among us with chemical, skin, and respiratory sensitivities. They put People’s Health First. With such a strong and unique mission routed in safety of every person and their home, the redesign needed to reflect that.

People Health First

Warm, caring and kind spirited, the Sensitive Home redesign makes one feel like they too are receiving a hug through cleaning products, products made for the safety of ALL people. It is defined by the nurturing illustration of ambiguous, inclusive, fluid human figures that bring both safety and care to the home they are hugging. The vibrant colors lift spirits and adds joyousness. The colors not only make the packaging come to life and stand out on shelf.

The Next Generation of People-Safe Cleaners

The colors also work as a system. The colors of the human figures define the flavor and the color of the house defines the product usage. The majority of the line, Fragrance Free, is color coded in their Sensitive Home teal that can be seen in the logo on all bottles. Breaking up the beautiful, iconic illustration is circular calls outs stacked on the left panel calling out key attributes and differentiators such as – 100% Plant Based and No Harsh Chemicals and Toxins ever.

Nurturing and inviting the new Sensitive Home design gives one a feeling of comfort, safety and rest while using the products – safe for every person, home and planet.

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GDUSA American Package Design Awards


World Brand Design Society – Sensitive Home Household Cleaning by The Creative Pack


GDUSA Health + Wellness Design Awards

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