Lolly’s Frozen Grapes

Lolly’s Frozen Grapes came to The Creative Pack to redesign their current branding and packaging and take it to the next level. The branding needed to feel familiar yet reflect brand’s personality more as well as communicate exactly what this one-of-kind product is on the marketplace.

Created by two moms with a passion for good food. Lolly’s Frozen Grapes are the perfect bite-sized treats to satisfy your sweet-tooth. An easy snack or dessert, simple ingredients, nothing artificial, and great with wine & cocktails.



It all started with redrawing the logo to be bolder and more impactful on pack yet still maintain its handwritten look that is full of personality. A nice step change from the original logo.

Next was transitioning away from their hero brown and replace it with a vibrant purple. The iconic purple is more reminiscent of grapes as well as an uplifting color that fits perfectly with the brands fun and lighthearted mood. The colors are ownable to the brand and make a nice color block on shelf to scream, “We are Lolly’s” without even reading the label.

Another defining factor of the packaging is the signature wave color block at the bottom of the packaging. It mimics the melted delicious dark chocolate that enrobes the frozen grapes. The logo nicely tucks in above the wave being the first thing one reads on pack. There is also playful movement happening with the flavor name that mirrors the shape of the wave below the logo. The secondary color of the wave compliments the Lolly’s purple and are color coded by flavor. The colors are bold, fresh and fun.

The photography on pack shows mouthwatering chocolate dipped frozen grapes. They are not fully enrobed like they are inside to easily communicate to customers that they are grapes underneath the chocolate. A decision made to improve shopability with such a unique product.

Overall, the new branding and packaging closer aligns with the Lolly’s identity, personality and product while communicating what the product is at the forefront through color, hierarchy and photography.

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