Blair & Jack Skincare

Skincare Shouldn't Be Complex - Neither Is This Box

The Creative Pack teamed up with the awesome people at Blair & Jack, a simple, effective men’s skincare brand, to give their products a shipper box that’s as sharp as their aftershave care!

We took Blair & Jack’s current branding – sleek fonts and bold colors – and ran with it. We crafted a box design that perfectly complements their existing product line, using all the brand assets they provided.

**But it gets even cooler! **

Form Follows Function

We didn’t just design a pretty box – we made it functional too. We collaborated with a top-notch box manufacturer to create a custom box with a perfectly snug insert. This bad boy holds a whole squad of Blair & Jack’s products (four to be exact!), keeping them safe and sound.

Here’s the best part: Blair & Jack worked directly with the manufacturer to bring their vision to life. The Creative Pack provided the design expertise, and Blair & Jack had full control over the production process. It was a win-win!


Gif animation of a dark green and chartreuse colored e-commerce box for men's skincare brand, Blair & Jack opening and revealing four product boxes inside.

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