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A’Cappella Chocolate Truffle Mini Cones

Remember the last chocolate-filled bit of your favorite ice cream cone? A’Cappella kept the same crunchy cone, but upgraded it to a melt-in-your mouth creamy truffle center. The design needed to maintain the A’Cappella branding with its playful, bold and colorful design, yet also create a unique look for this new product. With A’Cappella already […]


A’Cappella – Starting a Brand From Scratch

Does chocolate make you sing for joy? Well this chocolate will, one bite and you’ll be singing A’Cappella.  For way too long, chocolate has gone down the path of one-note flavors, coming up flat on innovation. A’Cappella Chocolates lets the rhythm of their imagination guide their creations – from chocolate snacking barks, chocolate caramels, truffles […]


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